Why Should You Opt for LED Lighting for Your Next Project?

LED lights in building and construction industriesFor any construction project, thoughtfulness and proper planning of Lighting requirement could bring in significant benefits to the construction company and the end users. The changing outlook of customers world over, and the innovation that the lighting industry has seen in last few years, has made LED lights to become favorite of the building and construction industries. And, we don’t need to go far to unravel the reasons thereof.

Any construction project can achieve a significant drop in power consumption by simply adopting/switching to LED lighting. However, that is not the only advantage the industry can gain by using LED lighting system; all the value that LED lighting brings in is now ensuring that the building businesses give this new lighting system it’s due weightage while planning for their next building construction project.

According to 2016 Global LED Lighting Market Trends, the LED lighting market is about to see a huge upswing. The reason behind this explosive growth of LED lighting demands can be credited to the advantages that this technology brings. Considering all the major requirements of lighting in any building project, we have put together some of the advantages of LED lighting over any other alternatives, such as incandescent, halogen, or fluorescents lighting.

Advantages of LED Lighting in Construction Industry

Long Term Cost Benefits

At the outset, LED lighting for large projects might look like being a very expensive proposition. However, long like of and low power consumed by LED, brings about a considerable drop in total amount of your projects’ bills.

The reduced power consumption upshots 50­-60% savings on your utility bill. Such saving levels for the giant projects could translate into savings worth millions of dollars.

Getting a bit more into specifics, LED light can save upto 85% if it replaces incandescent, halogen or metal halide. Replacing CFLs or neon lighting with LED can bring about savings to the tune of 50%.

Long Life

One of the most amazing features of LED lighting that makes it really attractive for large scale construction projects is its long lifespan (roughly 50,000 hours). This lifespan is approximately four times more than that of any other alternative available in the market. Long life of LED lighting helps save significant amount of money towards maintenance and labor costs.

The other features include:

  • Unaffected by high or low temperature
  • Humidity resistant
  • No effect of on/off cycling
  • No effect of jarring and bumping


The heat emission of these lights is approximately 3.4 btu’s/hour, which is far lower than those of halogen or other alternative lighting (the heat emission of an usual incandescent light bulb is 85 btu’s/hour and of CFL is 30 btu’s/hour). Due to reduced heat, the LED lighting poses lesser threat of fire hazards in the buildings, when compared to options like halogen lighting system.

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Taking a Step Ahead Towards the World’s Health!

Being aware and insync with the needs of a better and healthier ecosystem has become more important than ever before. Even if one were to think beyond personal and organizational benefits of using LED, it is well established that LED lighting is one of the the most eco­-friendly options available. LED lights also help in reducing carbon footprint, as well as reducing material, production and transportation cost, and water usage for production etc. These lightings are 100% recyclable too.

Moreover, the low levels of infrared emission, and negligible UV rays emission, make these lights perfect fit for the buildings with sensitive settings or materials inside. For example museum, archaeological and conservation sites.

Source: https://www.projectlink.com.au/blog/led-lighting-in-buildings-and-construction-industries/


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