Transforming Ordinary Homes to Exotic Residences: Top Trends

Transform Ordinary Homes to Exotic ResidencesIt is often said that a home represents the lifestyle, taste, and values of people living in it. In essence a home is a true reflection of the homeowners personality. That’s why people get into minute details while planning for a new home or when carrying out any big or small changes.

“Small things make a big difference”. Interior Designers and homeowners world over have increasingly started believing that just a few tweaks in an otherwise ordinary setting can bring about elegance and class around any home.

Read on to discover some of the fundamental things that can cheer up your and everyone’s mood, who arrives at your doorway.


Discover top trending window options to suit your taste and budgetThe moment we think about windows, the two factors that come to the mind are privacy and light. However, there is more to selecting the windows for your home than just these two. In fact, windows can be great pieces of design, rather than being just a key part of your home to enjoy the outside view from. Whether for large or relatively smaller homes, you would find plenty of stylish window options to suit your taste and budget.

Check out the complete list of windows styles and suppliers that can help you make your home prettier.

Entryways and Front Doors

Explore entryways and front doors that suits you the mostThe main door of the home is the first thing that catches the attention of people visiting your home. This seemingly small element can speak a lot about your home, and create a lifetime impression. Well chosen and stylish main door can turn your humble home into ‘the house with the blue door’. Even a good painting job on the door can create great impact towards how your home looks. If you are considering a complete overhaul, you are in luck!

In Australia, there is a wide range of designer and custom gates, entryways, front doors, and the respective suppliers of these, who can help you get your desired style. So, go ahead, explore and choose range of doors what suits you the most.


Add an element and spice to your dinner time with our range of modern furnitureJust by the way of design, colors and settings, furniture can completely change the mood of your home. As an example, replacing your existing dining table with new, stylish one is an obvious choice. However changing the setting, or getting it painted and varnished can add a lot of element and spice to your dinner time.

Further, if you are planning to give a vintage look to your home, you can replace your existing furniture with wooden mid-century style furniture. Alternatively, if you already have well designed wooden furniture which has started to look jaded, you can choose to give them a new life by way of by painting and varnishing. However, if you have already made up your mind to have something different this time, there is a complete range of modern furniture that you can try out from.

Home Accessories

Right home accessories that would assign elegance to your homeThere is, probably, nothing more important than choosing the right accessories that would assign elegance and unique style to your home. A bit of exploration can lead you to various options of accessories available to you. Choosing a variety of accessories around a chosen theme can make your home a place of style and elegance.

As an example, home decor in ‘gold’, which is a symbol of wealth and riches, can instantly create a graceful environment. Right from dim golden decorative lights in your living room to golden framed decorative mirrors in the hallway can all lead to the desired setting.


Trendy flooring options to bring more exotic look to your homeTo bring a more exotic look to your home you may want to choose from various trendy or elegant, easy to maintain, and attractive flooring options.

While it’s true that a room with wall to wall carpeting offers soft and comfortable atmosphere, you have a host of options available to think beyond carpet floorings. Hardwood flooring is one such option that has always been one of the highly preferred ones.

However, if you want a less expensive, natural, and affordable option to replace hardwood and carpet kind of flooring, you can always go for cork and bamboo flooring. There are more of such alternatives available for you to select from.


High-end lighting options to add style and zing to your homeQuite often the contractors working on your home would end us using the standard lighting fixture, the kind that might have been used across many houses. If you are particular about adding to the style and zing to your home, you would need to participate in laying out the lighting plan and execution.

A few easy steps can help you achieve the effect and impact of high-end lighting without actually paying exorbitant price for the same. You can go to various well known stores across your city or to flea markets to check out unique options across price bands. Even before you do that, do check out the online directory for all the lighting product retailers in Australia to evaluate various offerings and price ranges.


Trendy and novel stairways to get customized look for your homeStairs are one of the most ignored, though important part of any house. Stairs are no less significant than any other part of your home. Like any of the other key aspects that we discussed above, simple steps such as painting the stairs with exotic colors and pattern would work magic for your stairs and home.

If you are planning a new house or a complete renovation of your house, you can choose from the various trendy and novel stairways options available in market, or consult your contractor to work out that customized look for your home.

Taps in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Trendy and stylish options of taps to enhance the appearance of bathrooms and kitchensQuite often we tend to ignore the importance of basic equipment that can have a major effect on the appearance of the house, taps in our kitchens and bathrooms being a case in point. Taps fulfill purpose much beyond just water dispensing.

Choosing the right kind and design of taps for home can be a key decision for home owners. These days, a huge variety of trendy and stylish options of taps are available in the market for you choose from.

To sum it up, there are a multitude of options available to assign the desired look to your home. Paying a little attention in chalking out the plan, and exploring through various alternatives is all that it takes ensuring the same. Be it small tweaks to existing set up or major renovations at your home, you can get what you want, and that too without putting too much of stress on your budgets.

So, take your time and pick stylish accessories for your home. If you need more ideas for building equipment, or suppliers details, you can check out the Australian online directory for building and house products.



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