Trending Ideas for Fencing and Screening at Home and Office

Top tips for screening, fencing and partition at home and office

When it comes to house and office decor, screening and fencing usually receive the least attention. Conventionally, use of screening has been limited to guarding against rains, daylight and clamor. However, the trend has been changing rapidly and interior designers have begun to emphasise the importance of screening, fencing and partitioning for their decorative application for both homes and offices.

Screening enhances the appearance, assigns a distinct class to the rooms, and offers a comfortable environment. They are also very popular for garden fencing to offer an open yet private space for some quality time in outdoors.

In case you haven’t yet given a thought to the screenings, this may be just the right time! We have put together some of the latest and most glamorous screening and fencing options for your office and home.

Modern Office Screening and Partition Ideas

Modern partitions trends for office

Office screening / partitions are increasingly gaining popularity, as they offer privacy along with unique style. World over, open floorplans with relaxed work environment is gaining more acceptance amongst corporates. Like many organisations, global giants like Google and Skype are famous for the way their offices have been designed.

In keeping with the trend, having an office with open floor plan can be great a good idea. However, you need to make sure that these open spaces do not create a lot of noise and affect efficiency of staff. The right kind of screening for your office can provide the required solution. For instance, adding glass partitions to your office’s floor plan would help it appear open, and at the same time ensure privacy and noise control.

So if you are looking at enhancing the appearance of your office while maintaining the professional work setting, here are some options worthy of your consideration.

Glass Partitions

Glass partition for stylish office interior

Glass partitions are the most popular choice for offices, as they offer abundant natural light to ensure a bright and pleasant work space. Glass partitions prove to be a very cost effective as they help you save a lot on energy costs. Along with the smart looks, these fireproof glass screens also offer the required security.

Other benefits of these attractive office partitions, include:

  • Easy and quick installation that hardly requires any structural modifications
  • Frosted and colored glasses offer the requisite privacy
  • Perfect for mobile partitions and flexible use of office area
  • Create team-wise office structures in the office

Plant Screens

Let’s Go Green!

Having a natural ambience at your workplace can be a really refreshing idea. One of the many ways to ensure having plants in office is to create plant screening. Plants have the special quality to create a pleasant environment and reduce stress levels. You can choose from the widely available designs of plant containers and use them as the partitions. Plant screens can be created using large sized plant containers which can add a different element to the office decor, or wall-to-wall structure which can create a complete partition at the right place in the office.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels or dividers are one of the popular trends for office partitioning. They are mobile, and could be fixed on ceiling or be used as a room divider by suspended them on a rail. They are available in many colors and styles, from funky to classic designs. Among the many advantages of acoustic panels, their ability to diffuse noise and offer a stylish look to the workplace, are a couple.

Screening Fencing Ideas for Home and Outdoors

Home decoration has many aspects that require your keen attention to ensure a completely peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. One of these aspects is screening, which could include protective sheets for windows and doors, or outdoor fencing to provide you an open but private space.

However, along with these basic screening and fencing applications, there are quite a few other kind of screening systems that are available to you to choose from. The right choice of screening can add both creative and functional edge to your home.

Room Dividers and Decorative Screens

Partition Screens for home decoration

How to create your own small office at your home? How to use the extra space in your living quarters? These and many such questions arise when you look at utilising spare spaces available at your home to make the best use of space or to make your home look even more attractive. In such situations, screens can offer just the right solution.

Adjustable screens offer you the ability to hide things you don’t want to be seen or divide a large room into two separate spaces. You get many options in room divider screens, such as ones made of lightweight canvas or paper panels. The paper panel screens allow the sunshine to stream in and maintain brightness of the room.Screens are also a good help when it comes to set up or organise an office, a kitchen or a playroom within your home.

Garden Fencing and Screening

Plant fencing for natural and beautiful outdoor spaces

Outdoor screening and fencing make sure that you enjoy a quality time with your family without compromising on your privacy. As garden fencing provides practical screening, privacy and shading, they also compliment your home’s surroundings and offer a decorative value.

You would get multiple options for outdoor screening and fencing, the most popular ones include wood, bamboo, concrete, stones, gabions, metals or a combination of materials. All these options are available in wide range of design and style.

Another way of fencing the surroundings of your house is, privacy planting. This is one of the best techniques for year-round screening. These screenings typically do not get restricted by municipal ordinances for limiting their height. You can pick fast-growing columnar evergreens like Italian cypress and arborvitae or a sheared privet hedge, whichever suits you the most.

If you are ready to pick the best screening, partition, or fencing for your home and office, do browse ProjectLink’s comprehensive list of modern and high quality screening and fencing from leading Australian suppliers.

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