Water Treatment Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

Top industrial and commercial water treatment solutionsMany countries are facing issues of water pollution and degradation of water bodies. These factors make it imperative to put more efforts on waste water treatments at public as well as industrial level. This leads to a strong need of on-site water treatment facilities.

The growing demand of industrial water treatment systems has given a market advantage to the countries like Australia. Australian market offers many water treatment facilities to maximise the function and utility of familiar recycling practices. With the availability of multiple options for compatible water treatment solutions, industrialists often get puzzled while choosing an appropriate solution for their business requirement.

To address this issue, ProjectLink has listed out the top water treatment systems from its online database of Australia’s leading suppliers.

Micro Barrier Filter – Water Treatment System

Micro Barrier Filter to treat heavily contaminated wastewaterThe Micro Barrier Filter is an ideal solution for treating heavily contaminated wastewater for reuse. The system removes emulsified oil, colloidal particles, clay, coal fines and organic residues from wastewater produced by washdown bays, food processing, and other industrial applications.

The Micro Barrier Filter from COMBINED SEPARATION SYSTEMS, is capable of removing the particles greater than 0.1 micron including bacteria and dissolved contaminants.

  • Removal of oil and fine particles at mines and industrial sites
  • Wastewater recycle and reuse system
  • Pre-treatment of process feed water
  • Trade waste treatment systems
  • Food and beverage processing where fine organic particles require removal from process water or food washing operations such as pre-treatment of fruit and vegetables prior to processing
  • Water recycling and reuse systems for vehicle washdown bays

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Oil Water & Solids Separators

Oil Water and Solids Separators to treat highly contaminated trade waste and washdown wastewaterOil Water and Solid Separators are designed to treat the highly contaminated trade waste and washdown wastewater. It’s a quick and easy-to-install system that can treat wastewater from 720 L/h to less than 250,000 L/h.

Oil Water and Solid Separator is a primary treatment that removes free-floating hydrocarbons (such as diesel, hydraulic fluid and oil) and larger suspended solids from wastewater. It is a basic solution from MAK Water, that performs required water treatment prior to trade waste (sewer) discharge. However, it does not offer a tertiary treatment that is required for reliable compliant environmental discharge or safe reuse.

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Clearmake Electropure

Clearmake Electropure is a hi-tech electroflocculation water treatment technology that is used for a wide range of water treatment and/or water recycling solutions for commercial and industrial businesses.

Clearmake Electropure for a wide range of water treatment and/or water recycling solutionsThe system is highly flexible, and uses very low (negligible) amount of chemicals. This affordable water treatment solution is compact, and offers an operating cost as low as 20c per kL. The other benefits of this solution include:

  • High ion activity
  • No filters and few moving parts
  • Effective in breaking down emulsified oils
  • No increase in salinity of the treated water
  • Produces half to one third waste sludge as compared to traditional flocculation methods

The Clearmake Electropure systems offers a wide range of applications for industrial as well as commercial businesses, including:

  • Truck and car wash facilities
  • Printing or ink processes
  • Textile dye plants
  • Paint manufacturing and use
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • River, stream and lake water containing clay, microorganisms, agricultural and industrial chemicals, and other pollutants
  • Leachates and toxic metals in groundwater
  • Fat, grease and oil trap water
  • Grey water (bath, shower, hand basin and laundry)
  • Stormwater and wastewater from building sites
  • Nursery irrigation water
  • Food processing wastewater
  • Artificial wetland management
  • Sewage treatment plant effluent

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These are just a few of the high quality water treatment solutions from the comprehensive list of ProjectLink.com.au. You can explore the complete list of Australia’s leading suppliers here, and find the systems that suit your business’s requirements.

Source: https://www.projectlink.com.au/blog/industrial-water-treatments/


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