Essential Safety Equipment for Construction Workers

Basic personal protective equipment for construction workersEvery industry has its unique processes that involve both, humans and machines. All these processes pose some hazards which require unique safety measures. However, there are some risk factors that are common for all sectors. These risk factors can turn out to be life threatening, if proper precautions are not taken.

Construction and mining sites are no exception to the risk of hazards, be it huge or small. Though the industries have advanced their processes and with high technology, there is always a risk to human life at the sites. This makes it imperative for both, employers and employees to follow a strict protocol for safety precautions.

Here is a list of some of the basic personal protective equipment (PPE) for construction workers:

Eye and Face Safety Equipment

Wear protective eye and face gears to stay safe at workThe eyes and face are most sensitive parts of the body and hence they need utmost precaution at construction sites. Majority of eye injuries take place due to foreign particles, gasses or objects that get into the eyes while welding, cutting, grinding, nailing, working with concrete etc. Working at sites with extreme winds, sparks, smoke, or dangerous chemicals also requires high precautions and safety equipment.

The essential safety equipment may vary according to the kind of work one is assigned to. For instance, stringent safety measures need to be adhered to by people working in close vicinity of welding machines or any acidic substance. There are many safety gears available in market that are specifically designed to be used for certain tasks. Based on safety requirements of various industries, ProjectLink has listed out the top eyes and face protection gear to choose from.

Head Protection

Hard hats are essential to protect head from major injuriesConstruction worker or not, if you are even walking through a site while the work is in progress – you have to wear a hard hat. This is the most important and fundamental requirement for any construction site. At construction sites, there is always a risk of objects falling from heights, and causing serious injury to your head. The hard hat is a vital gear that shields workers or visitors from falling object and/or direct contact with any harmful material. These hats are also useful for a protection from rain, direct sun rays, and electric shock.

Predominantly these hard hats are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or advanced engineering resins, like, Ultem. They are capable of protecting person’s head from major injuries. Many of these hats also designed with accessories like face shield, hearing protection and ventilation to keep the wearer comfortable. Other advanced accessories that can be attached to these hats include, radio, walkie-talkies, mirrors, lights, cameras etc.

It is essential to keep these hard hats in good condition, and immediately replace them in case of any damage.

Hand Safety Wears

Almost all construction work requires active use of hands, and hence proper precaution is needed to avoid common injuries like cuts and puncture wound. It is surprising that lack of protection against common injuries costs businesses millions of dollars every year. Therefore, it is important to provide the workers with gloves well suited for their tasks, both for their safety and for minimizing medical expenses.

Avoid wounds or puncture with protective hand gearsThere are many types of gloves available in the market, such as rubber gloves, welding gloves, insulated gloves et al. The material and design of these gloves differ according to the respective job requirements that they cater to.

Employers are required to make sure that workers wear appropriate gloves while their hands are exposed to:

  • Harmful substances
  • Sharp objects that could cause cuts or lacerations
  • Work that could lead to severe abrasions or punctures
  • Heat or chemicals that could cause burns
  • Weather extremes

Employers must be aware of the suitable gloves for different kind of tasks, and provide the workers with proper safety gear and equipment accordingly. For further guidance, here is a range of Australia’s leading suppliers and brands of high quality safety equipment that industrialists can choose from.

Protective Footwears

Always wear puncture proof and slip resistant footwear at sitesUnfortunate but true! Many of the death hazards at construction sites take place because of tripping, slipping, and falling accidents. These accidents usually occur due to unsafe ladders or scaffolds. Unsafe footwears are also one of the major reasons behind such events. Therefore, it is critical for construction workers to wear shoes that have slip proof and puncture resistant soles.

It is not necessary that the unsafe footwear would always lead the workers to a death risk. However, relatively smaller risks such as those from falling of objects, chemical substances, and heavy equipment are also a matter of consideration.

Signage and Barriers

Signage and barriers can avoid many accidents at mining and construction sitesSometimes simple things like a right signages can prevent huge troubles. Signage and barriers are one of the most important parts of safety measures. They help people to be alert while crossing a construction area.

Everyone is aware of common signs and colors. These simple signs provide a sense of perception and alert people. Safety signs are also helpful for providing warning messages in emergency situations. They are also a good help to tell workers (or visitors) about dos and don’ts for a healthy and safe workplace.

Barriers, on the other hand, are used to separate different parts of a construction site. They are also used for preventing access to dangerous or hazardous areas. These safety essentials are used to prevent:

  • Access to hazardous zones
  • Entrance of any vehicle that is prohibited in construction zone
  • Crowd to break into a prohibited area

According to their different requirements, businesses can choose from multiple applications and types of barriers that are available these days.

Since different businesses would need safety measures and hence equipment as per their own requirement, ProjectLink has bundled up all the safety equipment required for building sites. Check out our comprehensive directory here for leading suppliers of safety equipment in Australia.



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