Top 5 Land Survey Equipment For Construction Industry

Advanced land survey equipment to enhance the efficiency of your construction projectLand, throughout history, has been an asset for people. Being a symbol of status, prosperity and security; possession over land has been indicated by establishing boundaries and limits over the area covered. The process of laying down boundaries and surveying the land for future use is complex. It requires much efforts and expertise.

Who does it and how?

The answer to this question lies in the age old art of land surveying. The professionals who survey the land are called land surveyors. Their job is to measure and study the land in order to create land maps or mark the borders for ownerships. Finally they give the basic blueprint of the land for planning a construction over it. Determining the topography of the land is essential for the construction industry. As is the foundation to a building so is land survey to construction. It is the first step of the process of construction. Know that land survey is an essential part of not only building construction but it plays a big role in making roads and bridges, planning and executing the framework of a building, landscaping etc.

Surveying is done with the help of various equipment which are used in various tasks related to geometry, physics, trigonometry, engineering, metrology, programming etc. And we thought construction was an easy job… All these technical details compiled together are given to the architect and engineers. It is these who further design the buildings or landscape the area. With every advancing year, the construction process is honed over by the use and introduction of new and complex construction equipment. The same is the case when it comes to land survey.

In order to maintain the accuracy of the results, the surveying equipment that need to be used should be the latest and best suited for the area. The latest equipment aid in an accurate and faster delivery of results. It becomes essential for the construction industry personnel to keep up with the new inventions in order to bring out the best for the customer’s satisfaction, else you’ve lost the race already.

To keep you up to date with the latest technology, we have listed out top 5 state-of-the-art surveying equipment that will help you plan further for the construction.

3D Scanners

What is a 3D Scanner?

3D scanners - get detailed 3D models of physical objects

The 3D scanners is a complex equipment used for surveying. It involves no contact with the physical object. The scanner scans the object in question using laser light and recreates a 3D model of the object with every bit of details using “point clouds” of the data from the object. These point clouds create an imitation of the object onto the computer screen. 3D Laser Scanning is one the most accurate methods of surveying. Trained professionals are required to operate the 3D Scanners and convert the point clouds into 3D CAD models, if required.

  • Non-destructive and non-contact process
  • Time saving method
  • Results are accurate and detailed
  • Scans can be evaluated later and can be turned into solid models, if required


What are Drones?

Break the limits with drones' survey for your construction model

Drones are aerial vehicles that do not require a pilot but can be remotely controlled from the ground. These drones come into play when the area for the survey is vast and manual surveying can get labour intensive. These drones are operated with the help of especially designed computer software. It helps to adjust the flight areas and height. The drone, when in action, will transfer all the topographic images of the area, under surveillance onto your computer. The software aid in measuring and studying the land.

  • Non-labour intensive
  • Cost effective
  • It can cover vast areas in no time
  • Software hell to create orthomosaics and elevation plans
  • Repeatable survey of the area

Robotic Total Stations

What are Robotic Total Stations?

A robotic total station for detailed survey with easy operating

A Robotic Total Station is an electronic device that reads the slope distances from the device to a certain point. It can be controlled with the help of a remote control. There is no need of an assistant as the operator can control the instrument from a distance. Like many of the other surveying equipment, this one promises accuracy of data. A Robotic Total Station is used mainly during the planning and construction of roads and bridges.

  • Can be operated by a single person
  • It can be operated for long hours
  • It suffers no harm from temperature and weather
  • Accuracy of data
  • Faster in comparison to TST (total station theodolite

Laser Measuring System

What is a Laser Measuring System?

Laser measuring system is a quick solution for all site measuring tasks

A Laser Measuring System is an equipment that comprises of a laser distance meter and a software that allows you to see the reconstruction of a space onto your computer screen. This equipment can be placed manually or with the help of remote control at the required position and then with the help of a laser beam the measurements of the space can be taken down. Once this is done, the software creates a 3D image of the room or the space along with the measurements and you can evaluate it. It aids in understanding the space in a detailed manner. The equipment runs with the help of a rechargeable battery.

  • Accuracy
  • Easy to operate
  • Helpful in surveys, furniture making, masonry etc.
  • It is not time consuming

Layout Station

What is a Layout Station?

Layout station to reduce the laborious and time consuming tasks

A layout station is a device that aids in measurement and laying out of plans during construction. With the help of this device you can measure the distances and find positions for the layout easily. The otherwise laborious and time consuming task can be completed in no time and with a precision. This equipment is being used for farm work, plumbing, electrical work, walls and ceilings etc. A laser light that marks the point on ground that you wish to mark as a part of the plan, makes it easy to make the markings.

  • Enables accuracy and quality in work delivered
  • Wide range of usage
  • Comparable with a standard computer
  • Easily measure distance and quick position calculation



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