5 Most Advanced Access Control Systems to Know About

5 most advanced access control systems for a safe and secure workplace

Are you safe from external threats at your workplace? Are you safe at your residence? These are some of the questions that often come to your mind. These questions better not be ignored. These days your security lies in your own hands.

A safe workplace is a productive haven for yourself as well as your employees. Similarly, to ensure the safety of your loved ones, a good security system plays a big role. Security should never be overlooked no matter if it’s a building, house or any other place where people movement needs to be controlled. Access Control Systems can ensure your safety is not compromised in any form.

What is it?

The combination of hardware and software makes an access control system whereby the access can be allowed or restricted based on one’s preferences. Access Control facilitates a selective restriction of admittance to an area or building and/ or websites and similar resources. With the Access Control Systems in place, users would need the due permission to use a resource or access a certain location. This permission is called authorization. Depending on the levels of confidentiality and security, one may grant access.

As you already know, access control is used for physical as well as information security. Where physical security is concerned, access control readers are widely used. These readers are of three types based on their functionality; namely a basic or non-intelligent reader, semi-intelligent reader and the intelligent reader.

A basic or a non-intelligent reader only reads a card number or a PIN. It then passes this information to a control panel and the rest of the process of granting or denying access follows. The semi-intelligent readers are built with all required input and output information to control the door lock. Once the PIN or card number is entered, the information is sent to the main controller, and the reader waits for the response. This reader does not make decisions on its own. The third reader is an intelligent reader. All the necessary input and output programmes are in-built into this reader. It has a memory and processing power which helps in independent decision making based on the inputs. It is also connected to a control panel which updates the reader and takes the information about the recent events from it.

We have bundled up the top most advanced access control systems for you to keep you ahead of the rest.

Building Integration Systems (BIS)

A lot of hard work goes into undertaking huge construction projects. Many factors are to be looked into while constructing big buildings. Security issues, access to the outsiders, fire threats, and evacuation systems are some of these. A building integration system is an access control system that combines some of the important technical systems into one and brings a complete access control to you.

You need not worry about its compatibility, increased usage and spectrum of scope for future. This system is modular in nature and therefore you can add different high- performance modules to it as per your requirements in future. It proves to be a useful addition to those big ever-providing construction projects that later turn into dream houses.

Consider using Building Integration System for your upcoming construction project. Get more info »

Access Professional Systems

Access control system with card reader and keypad to enter the pinOffices and organizations can range from small to big. Depending on the kind of work and size of the organizations, access controls systems are used. There is always a chance of adding more readers and equipment onto it if required. In order to smoothly run these systems, various software are used. Access Professional Edition is one such software that is not only easy to use but is scalable too.

This system generally works best for a small to a medium-sized organization; but as the needs grow, it has the capacity to capacity to accommodate more. Security functions such as elevator management, intrusion monitoring, CCTV etc can be integrated with this software. It is also compatible with the standard reader and card formats and this allows you to continue working with the existing card readers that you may have deployed at your workplace.

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Building Access Control Key Pads

Workplace safety is foremost whether it is a small enterprise or a deep rooted organization. Businesses thrive in a positive and secure environment. With advances in technology, it has become possible to do away with the lock and key mechanism that has been used for doors since ages. You cannot vouch for the security for the lock and key mechanism but the latest introduction is a break-in-free mechanism. The building access control keypad is an electronic mechanism and provides high security and reliability for your workplace in comparison to the lock and key mechanism.

These come with a backup memory chip which records the programmed access codes. The chip can be removed and can be used to program other keypads. These access control keypads can be used on any entrance, be it a main gate or doors to your mansion or workplace. It comes with an anti-hack feature that helps prevent entry through vandalism. It runs perfectly in various climatic conditions. Be it extreme heat or chilling winters, you will find it working smoothly. There are features that are provided for special conditions such as the backlight for visibility in darkness, anti-tamper switch and so on…

Need to know more about Building Access Control Key Pads? Visit here »

Photoelectric Sensors

Wide range of advanced photoelectric sensors for eye or face recognition access controlThese sensors also known as the photo eye, are used to discover the absence or presence of any object by the use of a transmitter that transmits infrared light/ signal. If there is any obstacle in the light transmission then the alarm goes off.

PE light sensors are of 3 types depending on its use and requirement of the client. These are:

    1. opposed (through beam)
    2. proximity-sensing (diffused)
    3. retro-reflective

The units are of a good quality and last long. These usually come with a long battery life. The entire unit is compact and housed in a durable cover that is waterproof so you can place it wherever you require. These sensors save efforts, time and money and are quite dependable. In construction projects such as museums or high security organizations, the use of PE sensors becomes a must.

Check out the link for more information about Photoelectric Sensors »

Sliding Gate Operators

Sliding gate openers are devices used to open and close a sliding or a swing gate. These are often used in driveways or main entrance to buildings. These operators can be found for domestic uses as well as for larger buildings. These openers are hydraulic and electromechanical, and come with a battery backup option. The limit of weight they can slide is also customizable. These can be controlled using a push button on the device.

The combination of these gate operators along with PE beams can be used to ensure workplace safety as well as safety at your residence during entry or exit. These come with various features to assist you in various situations.

Get more info on the sliding gate operators here

Source: https://www.projectlink.com.au/blog/access-control-systems-for-building-security/


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