Trending Applications Of Bollards For Safety Purposes

Trends in bollard installations for safetyBuildings are being created with great details. Parks and public spaces are being given a welcoming feel to attract more and more people. Roads and pathways are being constructed to aim the comfort and accessibility for the people who use these. With all these details being kept in mind during conceptualisation and construction, future safety of the site and people who use it becomes a crucial consideration. Cases of ramming cars and accidents due to stray vehicles are common.

Most of the times, solutions to big issues are simple. The solution to the concern of safety of the building and people can be found in the use of bollards. Bollards are short and strong posts made of metal, wood, concrete or any other strong material. These post are used as obstruction in traffic-prone areas or to protect buildings from threats of ram raiding. Bollards can be used in many areas.
Some of the important applications of bollards are:

  • Easing the traffic
  • Deflecting the tires of vehicles
  • Illuminating darkened spaces
  • Allowing periodical traffic controls measures
  • Enhancing the safety of the driver in racing events
  • Controlling the access
  • Helpful in preservation of historic sites
  • Facilitating parking protection

Comprehensive list of bollards for parks and outdoors
Bollards are of various types. Embedded, collapsible, flexible, removable, bollards with lights, parking bollards and so on, these posts are designed to serve specific purpose. ProjectLink has a big collection of variety of bollards that can help you ensure safety of building, parks and public spaces. Lets lookout the various types of bollards in detail based on its use:

Traffic Bollards

Traffic bollard installation for road safetyThere are bollards that are used to control the movement of traffic. These traffic bollards are placed in such a way that there is enough space between two bollards for special vehicles and cycles to pass through but not enough space for cars to move through. The placement of driveway bollards is such that it limits the traffic movement at required places on the roads or even on highways. It has been recorded that with the use of traffic bollards there is a considerable reduction in the number of road accidents.

Embedded bollards are used for this purpose. These bollards are made of strong material such as steel, concrete or wood. These bollards are placed deep into the ground and fixed in place using concrete. It helps to strengthen the posts even more. However, in crowded city areas, these driveway bollards are retractable or removable in nature. These can be retracted to allow traffic movement. Another version of bollards that are used as traffic bollards are flexible posts. These posts are designed to bend in the event of a vehicle colliding with them , thus causing minimum damage to the vehicle. Some posts are also used as parking bollards. Such bollards are installed in parking lots of public buildings such as museums, shopping areas and outdoor spaces. Parking bollards are coloured bright so that these are easily visible from a distance.

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Protective Bollards

Outdoor bollards for protectionBuildings and public areas also need protection from ram raiding. There are many buildings that have seating arrangements along the sidewalk, some have cafes and others have small shops. These areas need protection from moving traffic. The outdoor walls of these buildings need to be protected. Bollards installed along the periphery of such places are called protective bollards. Some important government, private buildings and historical sites also keep such arrangements. The purpose of protective bollards is to safeguard the area from accidental collision by vehicles.

Protective bollards not only protect the outdoor wall of the property but also protect the pedestrians. There are instances when the area has to be protected against ram raiding and thefts.  Using bollards in such case is fruitful. With advance in technology, bollards are being developed with materials that can absorb impact energy. Some bollards are made of steel fitted with elastomer while others are made of forgiving plastics. This way the damage caused to the posts by the collision can be reduced considerably.

Some examples of protective bollards are here »

Illuminated Bollards

Bollard lighting for traffic directionBollards that have lights installed in the unit are called illuminated bollards. These bollards find their use in areas where the vehicles require directions or in remote sections that are not very well illuminated. A light unit is attached at the base of the bollard. The entire structure is fitted into the foundation illuminating the post from all the angles. This makes it visible from all sides as well as from a distance. The bollard lights are housed in the foundation of the post, this protects the unit from possible damage due to collision by vehicles.

Bollard lights are mostly used at roundabout intersection. Illuminated bollards are also used as visual warning signs for drivers denoting that an obstacle is present ahead or construction work is going on. Illuminated bollards also find use as path lights in areas that have low visibility. Bollards are placed along walkways and driveways. During snow, fog, haze and other cause of low visibility these act as a guide for the path. Path lights are helpful during night as well.

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Bollards for building safetyBollards find their use in roadways, leisure parks, sport fields, playgrounds, as site perimeters, for pathways, landscapes and so on. Nowadays bollards are being designed to aesthetically serve their purpose. Additions like solar panel enabled lights, lamps and planters are being attached to these. Bollards can be installed in places where a differentiation of traffic is required. As cycling finds its place in the most popular means of transport, separate lanes for cyclists can be formed using bollards. Bollard lights are useful during the foggy days. Driveway bollards on the other hand not only assist in easy movement of traffic but also give way to a protected space of pedestrians. To add to the list, bollards check the “smash and grab” crimes that are caused by ramming of vehicles into the buildings.

During the planning of any construction or infrastructure project give heed to the importance of these posts in parking areas, driveways or perimeter. ProjectLink has a variety of bollards to offer to you for your construction projects. Take a look at it »

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