5 CAD Software for Architects in 2017

5 advanced CAD software for modern architecture and designArchitectural designs have evolved over a period of time. A lot of these designs need complex tools and conceptualization abilities. Since a majority of such projects are time-effort- and-capital intensive, tools in the form of architecture-related software come into play. These software ensure the project is well planned right in the initial stages, and well monitored and controlled during the execution stages.

Amongst many other benefits, the accuracy of work that these software provide is noteworthy. Moreover, efficient time management to ensure that the project is completed as planned is another significant area where the software come handy, thereby saving on time and effort cost.

Hence, to assist the construction project managers, architects or other construction workers at various levels, software are created that aid in the process of construction. These construction software are an assimilation of process and information that are required to perform essential construction-related functions, aided by programs that facilitate such processes on your computer system. The use of computer aided design (CAD) software is amongst the top in the architecture trends. These increase productivity by reducing the amount of time spent on construction purposes.

To understand the importance of the application of these software in construction projects, one must first know the benefits of these software:

i) Increased Productivity

Modern architecture requires techniques of conceptualisation and construction. For any construction project, the design team needs to be able to visualise the final outcome. The CAD design makes it possible for the design engineer to conceptualise the design on paper as well as in 3D.

Using the CAD software, you can see a detailed layout plan of the various floors of the building, well-described views of the building and a 3D map of that building. If there are changes to be made then you can make it at this level. CAD Software thus offer a lot of flexibility right at the initial stages of a building project. Architects along with their team are able to complete a comprehensive task in a very short period of time and that too with increased accuracy.

ii) High Quality

CAD software are developed in such a way that a number of tasks can be done using these. There are a number tools that aid in a thorough analysis of the architectural design. There are many other options for inspecting the proposed design.

These software are built to offer maximum accuracy in the development of the design plans. Thus there is an overall reduction in the errors that can spring up at various stages of construction management. Since the CAD design that the software offers is well-detailed, wastage of time, resources and money is also minimised.

iii) Quick Solutions to Tasks

Web based CAD software that allow instant access to the architectural design from anywhere are the new point of interest in the architectural trends. With the WiFi connectivity, the entire team of the architects is able to access the files and work on their relative tasks.

The construction manager along with his team can update the tasks that are to be done at various levels by required professionals using the software. This information is immediately received by the construction team and work begins in the flow that is defined by the construction manager. The professionals can respectively update the progress of work being done at the site. Hence quick solutions to the tasks that have been assigned for the project can be given.

iv) Detailed Documentation

A modern house requires complex details of architectural design and construction. These details have to be clear and easy to understand for the engineers as well as the mason or the plumber. The CAD software provides the facility of creating layout plans with the minutest of the details required for each construction worker.

The software aids in development of architectural design with increased legibility, utmost accuracy and least or no errors. The most important step at the conceptualisation stage is documentation of the design. This will act as the pivot in future construction-related decisions and tasks for that project. These documentation consist of dimensions and geometries of the building. Material requirements, cost calculation and time period required for the completion of the project are some other points that are covered during documentation. The software allows you to make a detailed document of the construction project.

These above are some advantages that are offered by CAD software. These software are designed to facilitate ease of work, accuracy, detailing and minimisation of errors at various stages. ProjectLink offers you a vast range of CAD software used for construction management projects. Let’s take a look at the top 5 software that are trending:

Autodesk Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection

Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection to aid in process of construction
This is a collection of software that equip you to develop architectural designs of higher quality and sustainability. The technology supports in-depth work on the various stages of construction management. Team collaboration is possible with the use of this collection, as it offers the use of interoperable design tools that can meet the needs of all the professionals involved in a building project.

Use of this collection is cost saving method to undertake the project. Management of software can be simplified with the use of other Autodesk products. Since modern architecture involves complex procedures, the use of this collection eliminates unnecessary procurement cycles and paperwork as all the planning required for the project is done at the basic level.

Know more about the product here »

1. Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Revit LT Suite

Autodesk Revit - Trending software for building information modelling
The Autodesk Revit is specially designed for building information modelling. It is a useful tool for architects, structural engineers and construction professionals. From the conceptual design stage to the documentation of the building project, Autodesk Revit offers many features and facilitates a variety of work on one single platform. It streamlines the design process with the ability to develop a multi-material physical model for analysing the details. Minimisation of errors, making estimates of materials, understanding the workflow and accurate documentation features give it an edge over a lot of other CAD software.

Know more about the Autodesk Revit here »

Parallely the Autodesk Revit T Suite is an ideal multitasking software for smaller architecture firms. It’s Desktop Subscription makes it a cost-effective licensing option for these firms. AutoCAD and Revit LT combined give you an intuitive 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) application. Accuracy and quality of designs and better documentation features are available.

Know more about the Autodesk Revit LT Suite here »

2. Autodesk AutoCAD

Create 3D models of the structures using Autodesk AutoCAD software
AutoCAD is a software that enables civil engineers and architects to create 3D models of the structures, documentation supporting Building Information Modelling workflows. It is one of the best tools for visualization of a building plan. The feature that the software offers are easy to understand and use.

Know more about the Autodesk AutoCAD here »

3. Autodesk 3ds Max Design Visualization Software

Autodesk 3ds Max Design Visualization Software to aid in the development of architectural design with utmost accuracy
This is a visualisation software for architects, civil engineers, designers and visualisation specialists. Features like 3D modelling, Animation and rendering help create cinematic quality visuals. The software combines NVIDIA iray rendering technology to create nearly accurate photorealistic and predictable results.

Know more about the Autodesk 3ds Max here »

Apart from the Autodesk suite, there are other software provider companies that offer specialised software to assist the architects and civil engineers in specific tasks. These software are designed in such a way that tasks like underground surveys and estimates can be done quickly and accurately. These aid in architectural designing as well. Let’s take a look at some of these:

4. CostX

CostX software to aid the process of construction managementAmongst the list of software that aid the process of construction management, there is the CostX. This software offers an accurate estimating solution for 3D/BIM and 2D drawings. This is a tedious and a very important step of construction management. The software helps in creating estimates, tenders and bills of quantities.

Know more about the CostX here »

5. Amberg Geotechnics

Amberg Geotechnics - Software to assist geotechnical engineers who work on underground construction projects
This software assists geotechnical engineers and surveyors who work on underground construction projects. The software helps in evaluating and observing malformations and settlements in underground construction projects, such as tunnels. It offers features like 3D tunnel definition and multivendor data import capability.

Know more about the Amberg Geotechnics here »

ProjectLink has a large collection of CAD software that can assist architects, engineers, construction managers etc. in the building projects.
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Source: https://www.projectlink.com.au/blog/cad-software-for-architects/


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