Storage System: How to Avoid Potential Accidents on Construction Sites

Prevent potential on-site accidents with these effective storage solutionsConstruction sites are not only the most busy places of work, but also accident-prone areas. Brimming with hundreds of construction workers, site safety comes into limelight. The safety of the people working at the construction sites becomes a matter of great importance.

Amongst many safety issues relating to the construction sites is the issue of storage. For the safety of the construction workers, a good provision of safety storage needs to be given. Storage is not only essential for safety purposes but also to organise the equipment and tools that are used by each worker. Storage spaces are also used to keep the personal belongings safe as well as the tools. There are safety storages that are specially designed to keep important documents and contracts.

Why are storage spaces important in construction areas?

Storage is the capacity of an area to hold material and goods for a certain period of time in a way that it can be retrieved whenever required. A good storage space will not only contain the material but also keep it protected against external contaminating agents, weather, theft and vandalism and breakage. The factors that bring about a requirement of storage space for any construction project can be broadly classified into five sections:

1. Physical Nature of the Material to be Stored

When building projects are undertaken, after the planning stage comes the material sourcing stage. The material that is required for construction differs in size, shape, medium, weight etc. All this material requires a proper storage else it will go bad over a period of time. This is where a well-maintained storage facility comes into play. Space requirements of every material will differ. Bricks and cement bags will require a different type of storage facility in comparison to tool and equipment.

2. Protection of the Material

There are construction material that need to be protected from getting contaminated. There are materials that can contaminate other things around it and require protection. Such materials need to be kept in specially designed storage boxes or containers that are airtight and do not permit any escape of the substance contained within. Flammable goods also need to kept in a well protected space to avoid any sort of accident. Site safety plays a major role in storing such goods.

3. Security of the Goods

Keep your goods safe using security lockers and safety cabinetsBuilding projects always require purchase and storage of large amount of goods. These goods need to be kept safe from harms way.

A secure storage facility will make sure that these materials will stay safe from theft and vandalism. Construction safety is not the only area that is to be looked at here.

There is need for safety of tool and equipment used by the construction workers as well. Security Lockers and storage cabinets can solve this problem.

4. Ownership of the Equipment and Material

Whose equipment is it anyways? This is a very important point of consideration when you are working at a construction site. There are hundreds of people who come to work each day and in such a situation, the security of one’s personal belongings as well as tools comes in one’s own hands. In order to save your things from getting misplaced, tool boxes and personal lockers offer a good storage solution.

5. Organisation of the Tools

Tool boxes and document holders to enjoy an organized storage spaceA construction site is pretty much an organised chaos. In such a chaos it becomes difficult to organise your own equipment. Construction workers put to use tool boxes and document holders to keep their paraphernalia in order. There are many options available for commercial storage that lets the people working at sites enjoy an organised storage space.

ProjectLink suggests ideas for storage at construction sites:

Ideas for storage at construction sitesA lack of proper commercial storage facilities at building sites affects the overall site safety. Storage is indeed a small aspect of the entire project but it plays an integral part in many functions. Without proper storage provisions people will experience lack of organisation, space and security of their personal belongings.

Construction safety lies in the safety of not only the site and materials and goods being used for construction but also for the people working in and around it. To ensure a workplace free of accidents and mishaps, there are many options for storage of goods, equipment, documents and everyday-consumption resources like drinking water. At the same time, these things need to be easily accessible to the workers.

ProjectLink has an array of storage related products that offer a safe and durable storage solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the options:

1. Storage Trolleys:

Trolleys for storing tools and barriersStorage trolleys are always handy at a construction site. From storing tools to storing barriers, these trolleys provide a great space utilization solution.

These storage trolleys are designed to carry both classic as well as retractable barriers.

See options of storage trolleys here »

2. Corrosive Storage Containers

Corrosive storage containers for your building projectsA lot of building projects make use of corrosive substances during the process of construction. At the site, these require proper safety storage facility else it might either act as a contaminating agent or be a cause of some accident.

To keep such substances in a safe and protected environment, corrosive storage containers are used at sites. These cabinets have lockable doors. These come with a vent to enable the airflow to let any trapped gas escape. These cabinets are designed in such a way that their levels can be adjusted according to the surface it has been placed upon. There are many features that these have.

Know more about corrosive storage containers here »

3. Safety Cabinet

Store toxic poisonous liquids in these safety cabinetsThere are cabinets that are specially designed to contain toxic poisonous liquids that pose a threat to the surroundings. Such materials require special care during storage. These cabinets make it easy to lock and isolate such substances from exposure to the workers. These cabinets come with a set of shelves and adjustable feet. It is designed to provide insulation from excessive external heat that may affect these toxic or flammable substance.

Get to know more about safety cabinets here »

4. Lockers

Organise your tools and belongings with these safety lockersSafety lockers are always useful at construction sites. It enables the construction workers to organise their tools and belongings and keep them safe under lock and key. The lockers usually have a keyed lock system but some also come with a padlock locking system along it. These lockers are made of steel hence provide enough strength to withstand an attempt of theft or vandalism. The storage space that these provide are good enough to keep the things one would require at work.

Check out the range of safety lockers here »

5. Document Boxes

Document storage boxes to keep your documents safePapers, important documents and blueprints are always a part of construction work. Many times it becomes difficult to keep these safe from wear and tear. Document storage boxes make it possible for the architects and construction managers to keep these documents safe, dry and clean within a box or container. These boxes are available in various sizes and you can take a pick as per requirement.

Purchase document boxes for your projects here »

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