Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

2017 indoor and outdoor furniture trendsFurniture is an integral part of our life. These movable objects that are specifically designed to support or enhance our day to day activities. Holding objects at a comfortable height, supporting objects, or storing things are some of the important tasks furniture are designed to do.

Furniture came into existence about 30,000 years ago when humans used boulders, wood or animal bones to create comfortable seating, resting and storage spaces. The evolution of furniture design thus began. As human race advanced, more and more insight was given into constructing furniture that can serve the purpose of need as well as luxury. Traditional furniture design revolved around comfort, strength and luxury. Materials such as wood, metals, stones etc were used for this. Various types of fabrics were used to adorn the surfaces. Then came modern furniture that was made using fancy new materials. Next in line appeared contemporary furniture that blended the details of antique furniture and modern furniture to create something unique yet elegant. By now, there are many types of furniture that are put to view for you to pick from for your home decor.

Types of Furniture

Furniture can be broadly classified into five main types based on uses. Each piece of furniture is designed to fulfil the requirement of any particular task. The modern trends of furniture for households and outdoors have moved towards ergonomically enhanced and environment friendly choices. These fantastic furniture trends are further segregated into classes based on similarity and uses. Some of the common uses are as follows:

1. Comfort

Add comfort in any area of the house or outdoors with our range of modern furnitureAny furniture used for sitting down, lying, sleeping, relaxing etc falls into this category. furniture like various types of chairs, couches, recliners, ottoman,types of stools, benches, divan, canapés, beds, hammocks, infant beds etc fall under this section. These furniture are ergonomically designed to suffice the need of comfort in any area of the house or outdoors. Outdoor furniture also falls under this category as various seating arrangements are a part of outdoor comfort. Nowadays, modern furniture is being designed in such a way that it can serve various purposes. Modular furniture is also being developed.

2. Entertainment units

Every living space has a source of entertainment be it television or indoor or outdoor games. These sources of entertainment require some sort of support or furniture as a part of the set-up. This category includes furniture like billiards table, television cabinets, jukeboxes, video game consoles, chess tables, children games, park and fancy outdoor furniture etc.

Based on the type of entertainment, leisure activity and types of users, these furniture are made. For garden, parks and outdoor furniture materials such as wood, metal, acrylic and concrete might be used. For indoor furniture, wood, bamboo, metal, glass, etc will be used.

3. Sets

Discover top trending sets to suit your taste and budgetA group of furniture used for a specific purpose constitutes a set. Bedroom sets (bed, side tables, dressing table,side stools, rest couches etc.), dining sets (dining table and chairs, peg tables, trolleys, cabinets etc.), patio sets (garden furniture), vanity sets etc fall under this section.

4. Tables

Tables are of various types based on the use and placement. Based on the uses, the structure, design and height changes. Desks, pedestals, dining tables, coffee tables, monk benches, lowboys, folding tables, poker tables, wine tables, workbenches, workshop tables, end tables, peg tables, side tables, corner stools etc fall under this category. Urban furniture design has always made it possible to add in more and more types of specialized furniture based on functionality.

5. Storage

Explore storage furniture that suits you the mostAn essential part of any architecture and living space is storage. Storage is of different types based on requirement and space available. Many times storage spaces cannot be given within a house or in garden and outdoors. This is where storage furniture comes into use. Book cases and cabinets, closets, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, chest of drawers, dressing table, coat rack, drawers, bathroom cabinets, filing cabinets, sideboards, racks, umbrella stands, cycle stands, safes, bar racks etc. constitute the storage section.
Furniture can be alternatively classified on the use of materials and also according to the space i.e. various rooms and outdoor spaces. The different types of materials used for furniture are wood, bamboo, wicker, cane, metal, acrylic and plastic, glass, concrete etc. Many new materials have also been introduced with the rise in design and manufacturing of urban furniture.

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ProjectLink lists some of the most interesting and amazing furniture options. These are not only functional but convenient to the users as well. Each piece of furniture is ergonomically designed and made to suit your interior or garden settings well.

So take a pick for yourself and transform your living space as per the urban furniture trends of 2017 »

ProjectLink has a list of many different types of indoor and outdoor furniture options that will be according to the trends in interiors and landscape design for 2017. Let’s take a look at few from the list:

1. Performance Spaces

Outdoor furniture for recreational activitiesPerformance spaces are outdoor areas that allow recreational activities within the area with the use of specialised furniture. These furniture are made of sustainable materials like recycled plastic and wood. These spaces have interactive seating areas, vegetable gardens, play space with art installation and platforms.

Such spaces aim at inculcating the knowledge of sustainable living among the children and young adults. These spaces are usually installed in parks, schools and other areas that attract a large number of children.

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2. Decorative and Separating Panels

Dividers and panels to divide space into subspaces in a roomDividers and separating panels have always been used throughout history to divide space into subspaces in a room.

These are made of wood, metal, glass etc. Decorative panels that are made of transparent UV-protected materials are also used.

These give a metallic look because of the material and finish. Room dividers are also a part of bedroom furniture. You can choose from panels made of wood to translucent fibreglass.

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3. Outdoor Seating and Furniture

Add functionality to your living space with our range of outdoor furnitureOutdoor furniture has a vast range of opportunities for design and development of newer furniture. Garden furniture, garden chairs, park seats, fancy seatings, picnic furniture etc. are some of the examples of outdoor seating.

Fancy seating made of glass and illuminated surfaces give an edge to your urban furniture settings. Along with the functionality, aspect of illumination is also covered. Antique furniture may not often available and affordable but antique looking furniture made of durable materials fits the requirement just right. Picnic tables made of wood and metal are also gaining popularity these days. Pool side loungers also give a modish look to your personal living space and always sell like hot cakes.

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4. Gazebos and Shelters

Explore fantastic furniture solutions for your gardens and outdoorsOutdoor shelters and gazebos are fantastic furniture solutions to the gardens and outdoors. These enhance the looks of the space while adding oodles of functionality to the otherwise empty space. Gazebos can be alternatively used for high tea or special performances during gatherings. The outdoor shelters are useful on beaches, picnic spots and public gardens.

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5. Wall-Mounted

Wall-mounted furniture is a space solution to small areas that require some kind of seating of storage spaces. Such furniture pieces are usually fixed onto the wall in order to save space. Such furniture is either fixed or foldable. There are wall-mounted beds, seating areas, storage spaces, tables etc.

Take a look at Wall-Mounted here »

6. Bench and Eco Pods

Trendy and stylish modern furniture to enhance the appearance of your outdoor spaceBenches are the most common garden furniture that are seen. Benches are not only used for seating but can also be used as temporary storage and stacking areas in gardens. Lower benches that are wide are useful in vegetable and fruit garden for placing tools or harvest over it. It can be put to many uses. These also find good use at school and pool sides.

An addition to the contemporary furniture is the oval bench and eco pods. Oval benches are low seating spaces that add a modern touch to your outdoor space. You can customize the color according to the theme of your garden landscape. Eco pods are seating furniture that can be moved from one place to another. These are designed to use both indoors and outdoors, an innovative introduction to the modern furniture.
Browse 2017 furniture trends for interior design and outdoor decor



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