Spring Home Improvement: Tips for Choosing the Right Window & Door Styles

Tips to choose the right windows and doors for your home this springThere is a reason why they call it spring time cleaning. As the weather gets pleasant, the days are longer – Spring is the perfect time to spruce up the house and make all those improvements to your home that you have been considering.

When it comes to window and door fittings, spring is the ideal time to make changes. Here are some reasons why:

a) Temperatures

The larger your door or window project, the more you will benefit from having your window replacement done in the spring. When an unconditioned air – hot or cold – comes into your home, it can make things rather uncomfortable. Unexpected dips in the winter and soaring temperatures of summer months can make difficult for the family if windows are missing.

b) Moisture

Although spring and fall have similarly pleasant temperatures, fall tends to be rainy. This could delay installations and cause other unwarranted damage while installation.

c) Longer Days

Spring and summer days are longer, and that can help make your replacement project shorter. The longer our specialists can work in a single day, the less they have to prep and break things down. Of course, it is also essential to identify and understand the needs of your window and door replacements. Windows and doors are a long-term investment, and cannot be changed often like other household refurbishments.

Here are a few reasons to consider before you take the plunge:

Why spring is the perfect time for window and door replacementsi) Your windows have a single-pane glass or temperature-conductive frames and sashes. A window replacement is beneficial if the home has a single-pane glass for all windows, these are not conducive to weather wear cracking at extreme temperatures. Single pane also does not provide adequate insulation if you live in colder climes.

ii) Your windows are in poor condition. Besides breakage and efficiency concerns, windows in poor condition can contribute to water and moisture leaks, humidity issues in the home and even pest infestations. Cracked window-panes, non-operational windows and rotting frames, sashes and sills on wood windows are all good reasons to consider replacement.

iii) Your windows pose safety problems. Windows that don’t open or shut completely or that are weak or loose because of improper maintenance or damage are good candidates for replacement. And if your home has upper-floor rooms with windows that don’t open, consider replacing them with operable windows and placing an easy-to-use fire ladder in the room so the windows can serve as exits in case of emergency.

If you decide to replace your windows, there are four factors to consider when choosing energy efficient models: frame, glass, design, and installation.

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Source: https://www.projectlink.com.au/blog/home-improvement-tips-for-spring/



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