Trending Ideas for Fencing and Screening at Home and Office

Top tips for screening, fencing and partition at home and office

When it comes to house and office decor, screening and fencing usually receive the least attention. Conventionally, use of screening has been limited to guarding against rains, daylight and clamor. However, the trend has been changing rapidly and interior designers have begun to emphasise the importance of screening, fencing and partitioning for their decorative application for both homes and offices.

Screening enhances the appearance, assigns a distinct class to the rooms, and offers a comfortable environment. They are also very popular for garden fencing to offer an open yet private space for some quality time in outdoors.

In case you haven’t yet given a thought to the screenings, this may be just the right time! We have put together some of the latest and most glamorous screening and fencing options for your office and home.

Modern Office Screening and Partition Ideas

Modern partitions trends for office

Office screening / partitions are increasingly gaining popularity, as they offer privacy along with unique style. World over, open floorplans with relaxed work environment is gaining more acceptance amongst corporates. Like many organisations, global giants like Google and Skype are famous for the way their offices have been designed.

In keeping with the trend, having an office with open floor plan can be great a good idea. However, you need to make sure that these open spaces do not create a lot of noise and affect efficiency of staff. The right kind of screening for your office can provide the required solution. For instance, adding glass partitions to your office’s floor plan would help it appear open, and at the same time ensure privacy and noise control.

So if you are looking at enhancing the appearance of your office while maintaining the professional work setting, here are some options worthy of your consideration.

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