Best Inventory Management Solutions for Construction Industry

Tips and solutions to enhance construction site inventory managementIf your company is working on multiple projects around the city, then equipment and inventory management are nothing new to you. The unpredictability of the construction industry has made the management of parts and equipment a difficult task. Access to the right parts or equipment in a timely manner greatly affect customer service and work schedules.

Scheduling the use of equipment can often become a complicated and cumbersome task. This is especially true if there is a significant distance between projects or if the projects require many of the same tools. These activities can be managed with efficiency if the organisation adopts a robust construction inventory management system.

To help you manage inventory and improve your warehouse’s performance, ProjectLink has compiled a list of some efficient tips and solutions.

Take these techniques into consideration and stay on the top of every detail at the project site.


SA Mining Acts Set for Review

The South Australian State Government is currently inviting residents to have their say during a review on some of SA’s Mining laws.

The Leading Practice Review of Mining Acts will open the door for these residents help make the state’s mining laws as flexible and appropriate as they need to be.

The Leading Practice Review of the Mining Act, the Mines Works and Inspection Act and the Opal Mining Act are aiming to bring outdates laws and acts up to date, helping to ensure that South Australia continues to innovate within the mining industry in Australia.

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis has spoken of the review set to be undertaken.

“South Australia already has an international reputation for providing a transparent, thorough and rigorous assessment process for the mining industry.

Our expert regulators ensure community and environment safety while at the same time providing certainty to investors and landowners.

But policy renewal is always important, and by doing this now South Australia will be in the box seat to realise the enormous benefits that will inevitably flow from the next upswing in the commodities cycle.

Listening to the community through comprehensive consultation is a basic requirement in ensuring any changes to our mining laws reflect what is important to all stakeholders”

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