Kitchen Design Trends Which are Going to Rule the Market in 2018

Latest kitchen design trends which are going to rule the market in 2018Looking for new and unique ideas to design or renovate your kitchen spaces? Have you been going through blogs and magazines looking for ideas? Before you put the shovel to the ground, go through our top trends list.


  1. Smart and Open Kitchen
  2. Quartz Countertops
  3. Storage Solutions
  4. Flooring
  5. New Age Appliances
  6. All-purpose Kitchen Islands

Simple clean designs and open spaces are what homeowners are opting these days. In order to give a large, ventilated space, upper wall cabinets are no longer preferred. Kitchen islands are handling various cooking requirements. Hardwood and metal or both are adding unique design touch to kitchen giving it a rustic as well modern industrial look. Customized tiles, hardwood flooring, dark, grey colors will be popular. Kitchen furniture such as floating shelves, bar stools, wooden ceilings are all in trend. Lighting is a crucial aspect and smart and app oriented lighting are taking place.

These are some of the trends and design concepts which will be trending in the coming year. One can opt for them to add better aesthetics, convenience, and functionality to their kitchen spaces.

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Ideas for Sustainable Home Renovations

What is Sustainable Renovation?

12 sustainable trends for home remodelling and designThere is a lot of buzz these days related to sustainable renovations. Sustainable renovation is the art of planning the dimensions of your house in such a manner so as to maximize the goal of energy savings and utilizing natural energy resources to an optimum level.


Why Sustainable Renovation?

Renovations is one the best opportunities to switch to sustainable and play your part in environment conservation. Opting for a sustainable renovation is one of those major steps that reduces a negative impact on the environment.

There is never a better time to go green. With lots of advanced eco-friendly techniques and consultants well-versed with energy efficient designs you can save big on energy bills.

Want to upgrade your current house with sustainable renovations – without stressing on your pockets? Then, you have landed at the right place. The ideas listed in this infographic will not only lighten your environmental footprint but will help you create a more livable and healthier home.

These eco-friendly techniques will help you have an affordable and hassle-free home remodel that you can be really proud of!


How Replacing Streetlights to LED can Help the City Councils

How can LED street lights make the streets a safer place while minimizing expensesIn our previous post, we spoke about the importance of city lighting. Lighting helps improve safety, reduces crime and also uplifts the overall look of the city. Lighting is an important aspect of city planning. Just like roads and other amenities, lighting is an important mandate for all city councils. Read our post about the importance of city lighting »

Over the last five years, most city councils across Australia have actively initiated the process of replacing old streetlights to LEDs. The advantages of opting for LED Street lights are manifold.

Cost and Energy Savings

LED lighting can reduce your carbon footprint significantlyThere are more than 2.3 million street lighting lamps in service in Australia, this contributes to nearly 1.5 million tonnes of greenhouse emissions each year and costing nearly $400m in energy and maintenance costs. It is stated that a change to widely accepted energy efficient technologies could save councils nearly 80% in energy costs. In addition to adopting renewable energy sources for public amenities, replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting is one of the first proven steps to reduce carbon footprint.
“Old lights use four and half times the electricity. The 80W mercury vapour streetlights cost 437% more in electricity compared to LEDs.”

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Return on Investment

While the implementation in LED light replacement appears to be a high investment. The capital cost of the new lights, installation costs, project management and other costs (such as a residual value of old lights), the initiative will pay themselves back in as little as 5 years.

“Long and predictable lifetime: The projected lifetime of LED street lights is usually 10 to 15 years, two to four times the life of currently prevalent High Pressure Sodium Lamps. (LEDs themselves do not generally fail or “burn out” in a way comparable to other technologies, and barring catastrophic failure of other mechanical or electronic components of the LED fixture, lifetimes are typically set by a decrease in luminous output of 30%.”

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