Office Space Design Ideas to Foster Productivity

Design a productive office like Atlassian - one of Australia’s most successful technology companies
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Today’s work-force is geared towards long hours. Their work ethic is very different from the generations before. A young office-goer of the millennial generation is looking for larger meaning from the workplace. To tap this excitement and harness their productivity, organisations are required to put efforts in making their workplaces more exciting.

If you have been looking at office spaces for a while, you could not have missed the news about the spanking new Atlassian office in Sydney!

Atlassian – one of Australia’s most successful technology companies – understands the motivation and environment that drives young tech employees and has been working tirelessly to create one of the coolest new office spaces.

Head of workplace experience at Atlassian Brent Harman told news sources the new office was all about ‘creating a reason for staff to get out of the office for the 15 minutes break’.

Besides the perks of a young and hip office culture, Atlassian provides food catering, snacks, and plenty of entertainment options for the staff. They have created an “urban-jungle” vibe as you enter the space and integrated simple iPad based technology to ease sign-in for visitors.

Atlassian has added a fully-catered kitchen with an ice cream freezer, and unlimited access to snacks
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Quick on the heels of Atlassian is another technology company –Dropbox. “The concept is bringing the home into the workplace,” Deeps De Silva, head of marketing APAC & Japan, told news sources during a tour. “It’s very like an Australian living room. The hours you spend in the office are significant, and we wanted an environment people to feel comfortable in. It’s an extension of a home to our customers and our users as well.” Their Australian office has an open-plan structure with a beautiful and minimalist Scandinavian inspired look. They have been particular in creating spaces that are comfortable and user-friendly.

While their offices may seem relatively cool, companies like Atlassian and Dropbox, run tight ships! Their philosophy is to provide all the right comforts and perks, so employee productivity can be maximized for the business.

There is no rocket science to the way these spaces are created.

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