Most Appealing Playground Features to Children

Important factors to consider while designing a playgroundThere is nothing more endearing than the bright sounds of kids playing in the park. While children are quick to make up their own games, their excitement for the playground is unparalleled. It is stated that “most forms of play are essential for healthy development, but free, spontaneous play – the kind that occurs on playgrounds – is the most beneficial type of play.”

Research shows that play is not just good for physical development of children but essential in developing self-confidence, social skills, cognition and a strong sense of independence. In order to keep children engaged and interested it is important to create exciting and challenging playground equipment. According to a recent survey conducted by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association and the Voice of Play, “67 percent of families visit the playground one to two times a week to get some fresh air and sunlight and 22 percent visit three or more times a week”.

Though playgrounds have newer designs now, the survey found “kids enjoyed most at the playground, swings and slides were the top choices. Tunnels/tubes, ladders, monkey bars and imaginative play were also popular”.

Interesting Playgrounds around the World

While designing playgrounds and play areas can have their own regulations on safety, the key idea is that the play area should appeal to children. There are many great artists and creators who have worked together to build innovative and attractive playgrounds.

Interesting playgrounds around the world

1. Woods of Net playground in Hakone, Japan

Tezuka Architects and Japanese net artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam knitted this rainbow nest by hand for children to crawl, jump, and roll around in. While the lower part has hanging swings, the upper area is like a cargo-net for jumping around.

2. Silver Towers Playground in New York City

Brooklyn-based artist Tom Otterness created the Silver Towers Playground in New York City. The artist has created 27 whimsical bronze figures and a 24.5-foot-tall and 30-foot-long sculpture whose legs double as slides!

3. Blue whale in Gothenburg, Sweden

MONSTRUM also constructed this 50-foot-long blue whale in Gothenburg, Sweden. Children can climb into its stomach and slide down its back.

4. Swing Time, Boston

Is an interactive playground set up in a temporary park near the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre. Created by Höweler + Yoon Architecture, the play area features 20 illuminated swings that switch from white to purple when they’re in use.

5. Shifting Sand Land, Arizona

Inspired by the desert level in Super Mario Brothers. The objective of the game is not to touch the ground.The play area includes 25 “islands” that range in size, with some large enough for several children to balance on with each other.

Of course, getting an artist to design a playground isn’t always an option. One must make sure that the playground appeals to its intended audience – children! Here are a few things to remember to when designing and installing playgrounds for children:

What makes a good play area for children1. Playing together

The friendships of childhood last a lifetime, and they all begin at the playground. Playing as a group helps kids understand social roles and cultural rules. It helps them get accustomed to social norms, cooperation skills and a shared system of symbols, including verbal and body language. It is common for children to make group games, set challenges for themselves and each other. It is always exciting for them to use their surroundings and develop obstacle courses. There are many playground equipment that are built with integrated monkey bars, climbing frame similar designs which are ideal for larger groups and offer opportunity to develop physical skills and flexibility of children.

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2. Colour

The fascination and curiosity for bright colours is a common love for children. Whether books, games or a pretty little butterfly, they are captivated by bright hues. As infants, bright colours are the only way they are able to distinguish between shapes and as they grow older bright colours are associated with emotions, typically brighter colours are associated with happy memories, their favourite toy, bright green grass, and beautiful blue sky. Bright colours are also known associated with moods and known to help to activate and stimulate the mind. On a perfectly sunny day, it would be great to be to out and play the light and colourful shadows.

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Pick the Most Efficient Building Products

How to pick efficient building materials and equipment for any construction projectWhether you are a contractor, builder or an architect – ProjectLink can help you get the right construction equipment for any building project. This online directory offers a comprehensive list of Australia’s leading suppliers in all building and construction fields along with the highly efficient construction equipment. It has a wide range of solutions from construction equipment to maintenance and management services. Construction professionals from all over the country can rely on this online database to source products and services for their building projects.

When putting the plans together for any new building project, consider these options to get the best outcomes. These factors would guide one’s choices of sustainable materials and construction equipment. With careful analysis and selection of materials, one can bring significant increase in the efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness to any project.

These suggestions make sure of a truly sustainable building structure:

  1. Consider all Stakeholders
  2. Logistics
  3. Sourcing
  4. Cost and Quality
  5. Performance
  6. Durability
  7. Ease of Installation
  8. Structural Capability
  9. Health Safety
  10. Environmental Impact
  11. Aesthetics
  12. Material Deterioration
  13. Waste Treatment and Recycling Systems
  14. Maintenance

Explore ProjectLink’s Buildings category to source the right type of products and services for your building construction operations. Businesses can also list their building products here to strengthen their brand recognition nationwide.

Factors to consider while selecting suitable services and products for any building project


Choosing the Right Fencing for your Community Parks

Keep your community parks safe with right kind of fencingA key ingredient to happy community living is having a park in your neighbourhood. A park in the community creates social bonds and interactions not only between the young ones playing but also the regular walkers, fitness enthusiasts, and elders out for fresh air. Aside from the social benefit, it is a commonly known that those living near parks are typically healthier and report fewer instances of stress, anxiety, sadness and depression.

According to the, “parks play a vital role in creating liveable cities and thriving communities. They are our most frequented spaces for recreational activities and provide opportunities for tourism, conservation and the social interaction that is vital for a connected and resilient population.”

Parks week

The New Zealand Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia are to help organise Parks Week 4th – 12th March, 2017. They aim to promote the many benefits of parks and open spaces. Councils and other organisations are geared to run “engaging events to raise awareness on the value of parks and open spaces, and to get people out of their living rooms and enjoying the outdoors.”

Importance of fencing

Fences are a key aspect of landscaping and important for safetyJust as the park is to the community, the fence is to the park! As we understand the importance of parks, we also understand the importance of fencing.

Whether wooden or metallic, fences are a key aspect of landscaping and of course is an essential for barricading and safety.

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Create a privacy barrier and keep trespassers away by installing a fenceAs we progress in developing high-end, child development oriented safer play areas, is important to make the right safety checks in the open spaces of parks. One cannot restrict children from exploring but obvious and inaccessible barricading of areas that are unsuitable for younger park goers is a must.

Areas with large water bodies, heavily wooded parts of the park and thorny or rocky trails must be clearly segregated to avoid any unforeseen accidents.

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As we secure the insides of the park with wooden or metallic fencing, we must also consider that the park and its people must be protected from unwanted elements. The right kind of fencing will help in making sure the park is protected from trespassers. It is an important measure to make sure the park is free of vandalism and destruction. If the park is close to a wooded area, or forest, the right kind of fencing will help keep stray animals out of the park.

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Design by Separation

Learn how fences can add great value to designUrban planners and park designers are adept at cleverly integrating fences as design elements. While landscaping, fences can add great value to design. Using well-suited fencing can help create attractive and focussed areas in the park. Consider this interesting idea by Tejo Remy.

Remy used the simple fence to ask “Can a fence become a meeting point or a sitting area?”. The Social Fence of Remy and Veenhuizen transforms part of an existing fence to lounge- and sitting spots for pupils. Remy says, “The idea to transform the existing fence into a meeting place originated in the desire to change the perception upon the mostly negatively experienced fence. A distortion of the existing rhythm creates meeting places on both sides of the fence. The work, that covers five fence parts, joins the existing fence in terms of measurements and colour. In this charming social fence, the protrusions and recessions are not only eye-catching, but they allow for a more active interaction between those on either side of the fence, providing seats, benches, nooks and playspaces for children.”

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Tips for choosing fencing

You may recall from your childhood the hilarious story of Tom Sawyer convincing his friends that painting a fence was the greatest and most exciting work of all. One cannot deny that the fences are important aspects of landscapes, open spaces, and parks. Fortunately, unlike Tom and friend’s we don’t need to paint fences all summer. Here are some tips for choosing great fencing for your parks!


The main visitors in parks are young children and senior citizens. While, the idea of safety tends to be more in terms of overall planning of the park, poor quality of materials is the primary cause of injuries in any public setting. It is essential to pick fencing that is finished in high quality materials. If choosing metal fencing ensure that the joints and welds are properly sanded and polished.

Avoid metals that are prone to rusting or understand the durability and quality of the coating used. If selecting wooden fencing, ensure the high-quality hard wood is used. Avoid woods that are brittle and that can hurt the skin.

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When selecting high quality materials, research the regulations on durability and double check warranties. Due to high traffic of visitors and exposure to natural elements, fencing material undergoes excessive strain. Be certain that the manufacturer has provided the durability of material that take these stresses. This preventive measure will bode well for the visitors and the park in the long run.


Never let anyone tell you that fences are boring. Using a beautifully designed fence can change the way you interact with your surroundings.

Use a well designed and appealing fence to lift the look of the park

As you continuously strive to maintain the natural landscaping of your park, the addition of a well designed and appealing fence can lift the look of the park manifold. Here are some inspirational design ideas for fences:

Fence with vertical herb garden

The park is not just about play areas and strolls. The essence of park is the community and it is important to have many activities around the community park. As the farm to table concept becomes so essential to our living and learning it is not uncommon for neighbourhoods and communities to participate in planting and urban farming activities. Wouldn’t it interesting to use your fence for a lovely, fresh herb garden!

Use a well designed and appealing fence to lift the look of the park

History is our best teacher

As we return to our roots, we are keen to learn and imbibe traditional values and ideas. Here is beautiful fence idea from historic times.

Use your fence for a lovely, fresh herb garden

Just paint it!

Needless to say, you can just buy simple fencing and get creative! If you have the resource commission an artist.

Attractive paint job can also make simple park fencing stand out

If you don’t have an artist, you can grab a stencil, go free hand or consider getting the children in the community to get together and have a ball.

Make a creative and inspiring garden fencing for your children

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In the end, gather data from experienced specialists, thoroughly research and understand the needs of the park. As a park is an area of high public access, your local authorities may have stringent laws and stipulations when putting up fencing, ensure that all execution teams and project stakeholders are aware of the regulations in your area.

Comprehensive list of fences for parks and outdoor