Safety Products to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Safety products for construction industry in Australia
Safety is such a huge subject. There are literally thousands of different elements to consider when it comes to maintaining a safe and palatable workplace. Not only is safety about protecting our workers from a physical and psychological point of view, however safety also comes down to providing the confidence and trust that our workers require to do the best job possible. Safe workplaces are identified to be effective workplaces and so investing some time and money into discovering solutions that promote safety – can save you generously in the benefits that it delivers.

Large or small, any construction project can be dangerous for workers around. With proper coordination, consultation and cooperation, organisations can ensure the health and safety of all members present on site. Equipping the staff members with personal safety equipment can reduce workplace accidents. At each step of the process in construction work, management must understand that safety cannot be overlooked in order to cut costs or make profits. Your business will benefit from great safety management and happy workers.

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To protect both your workforce from fatalities, ProjectLink has covered a wide spectrum of safety solutions. We have a fantastic range of safety clothing protection which cover everything from eye protection, fall protection, body protection and much more. Safety signs are always a crucial feature for informing workers and First Aid kits are an industry standard in case of accident or injury. Our suppliers even offer comprehensive site inspection Services to give insight into the potential hazards of your workplace.

If it is one thing that ProjectLink prides itself on, it is the quality and range of our safety products and services. We understand the necessity for safety within the realm of construction and infrastructure which is why our website features thousands of different solutions to ensure that your business is getting the best outcomes that it deserves.

Take a look at these different options and pick the ones that fit your requirements perfectly. By choosing to view a product you will be able to get in touch with the supplier directly.



Cool Tools for Construction Safety and Heat Stress Relief

Protective workwear to keep workers cool at the construction siteManaging Summers!

As the summer months roll in, the rising temperature will pose an undue disadvantage to the construction projects. Excessively high temperatures on the construction site can be a serious health hazard to the construction staff.

Dehydration and heat stress are a common cause of injuries and fatalities on site, but these are perhaps the most easily avoidable.

To keep your talent safe and productive, employers must educate employees and supervisors alike about the potential dangers of heat stress and heat stroke.

Managing the Heat Risk

Heat stress is caused when the body is unable to regulate itself by sweating and the core body temperature rises to critical levels. Heat-related illnesses occur when the body is not able to lose enough heat generated by physical work and external heat sources. It is a medical emergency that can lead to cramps, exhaustion, stroke and in severe cases, death. The good news is that heat illness and deaths are preventable. A key component of prevention is to provide mandatory breaks, or recovery periods, for employees working when temperatures are high.

Emergency preparedness and responseSimple tips and tools for countering the Aussie heat can help construction teams safely manage staff.

  • Hydration
  • Work Shift Timings
  • Mandatory Breaks
  • Dress Smart
  • Protect Against the Sun
  • Be Prepared

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To create a healthy and safe environment for all workers at construction and mining sites, employers need to provide them with personal protective equipment.

ProjectLink has compiled a list of some effective cooling products that all workers should wear while working in hot environments. Read on to find more.


Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Roofing

Tips for picking the right roof for your commercial building projectThe roof is the most integral part of any construction project. It is that shelter which protects the building from extreme weather conditions like heat, sunlight, rain etc.

The selection of the right kind of roof ensures that the building stays strong for a longer period of time. If you select the correct commercial roofing for your construction project, you save on a lot of repairs and wear and tear cost in the future.

To understand roofing system, we must first understand the parts of a roofing system. A commercial roofing system can be divided into three parts:

1. The Material

The materials mostly used for roofing are metal, laminated glass, concrete tiles, clay tiles, asphalt, PVC, Teflon fabric, slate, wood etc. The right roofing material for your building is determined on the basis of the kind of building, use, climatic conditions and environmental factors. The choice of material is also made on the basis of the construction material used and aesthetics. The availability of roofing material is another factor that is considered while planning for roof construction.

2. The Construction

The construction of the roof is the next step after roofing material selection. The roof construction is based on two factors, the support system, and the pitch. The support system consists of structures like pillars or other supports that are planned and constructed based on the area of the building and the weight of the roof.

The pitch, on the other hand, is the angle of the roof from the lowest to the highest point. The pitch of a roof differs based on the roof type. For example, a thatched roof will have a steeper pitch to let the water drain down easily while a roof with clay tiles will not have a pitch as steep as the thatched roof. The climatic conditions of the region also play an important role in the calculation of the pitch.

3. The Durability

Tips for picking the right roof for your commercial building projectFor any commercial building – Materials, construction and durability of its roof are of utmost importanceFor any construction project, the durability of the building is the most important point to consider. The durability of a building is measured by the durability if its roof.

To make the roof durable the above two factors play a pivotal role. The correct roofing material installed at the right pitch gives you the perfect roof for your building.

The durability of the roofing material is very important because the roof of a building is not accessed often and at times it may get quite delayed before any proper action may be taken for roof damages.

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With so many options of roofing materials and systems available today, it is hard to figure out which would be the most suitable option for your building project. Several factors need to be considered before making the choice.

To help you make an informed decision, ProjectLink has listed out some of the materials, systems and tips to help you choose one that best fits your needs and budget.

Take these tips into consideration and pick the right roof for your building project.